Custom-made pressure monitoring.
Custom-made pressure monitoring.


Information on change of ownership at Beck Sensortechnik GmbH

We are pleased to announce that on 05th July 2022 Beck Sensortechnik GmbH has been acquired by the Swedish industrial group Indutrade Aktiebolag, which holds over 200 mostly medium-sized companies with 8,200 employees in over 30 countries and generated a total revenue of more than 2 billion € in 2021.

We as Beck Sensortechnik GmbH will continue with unchanged company name, customer relationship and organization, including the whole staff and the complete management at our current company location in Steinenbronn near Stuttgart, Germany. For you as our customers and suppliers there will be no change to our long-lasting and trustful cooperation.

With this acquisition, we are now part of a strong community in the Indutrade group and have set the course for a secure and successful long-term future for our company. Beck Sensortechnik GmbH fits into Indutrade within their growing business area of Measurement and Sensor Technology. We will also have a unique opportunity with the global network Indutrade adds.

If you have any questions about this transaction you are welcome to contact us.

Steinenbronn, 12.07.2022

Rainer Beck
Chief Executive Officer
Beck Sensortechnik GmbH

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Change in company management as per January 01, 2022

Mr. Hans-Peter Funk, who has been working for our company for more than 32 years, whereof the last 20 years as Managing Director for Sales and Marketing, will leave our company as per December 31, 2021 to go into his well-earned retirement.
His successor as Sales and Marketing Director, Mr. Christian Kreutzer, has started working for Beck on November 01, 2021 and will take over the responsibility for Sales and Marketing from Hans-Peter Funk as per January 01, 2022.
We thank Mr. Funk for the longstanding, exceptionally successful cooperation and wish him the best of luck and success for his personal future.

Steinenbronn, December 14, 2021

Rainer Beck
Managing Director
Beck Sensortechnik GmbH

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IP65 Protection for Differential Pressure Switches 930.8x Climair® and 911.82

In order to be able to use our Differential Pressure Switches of the Series 930.8x Climair® and 911.82 in more challenging environmental conditions, we have added the protection class IP65 to all CE versions. The IP65 protection class is achieved by three fastening screws in the cover, an additional seal on the cable conduit and a further seal between the cover and the basic housing.

The technical data of the pressure switch have remained unchanged with the new protection class, so that this can be replaced or exchanged 1:1 to the pressure switch in IP54 version. All previous cable conduits and accessories are also available with the new protection class IP65.

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Series 981 universal pressure transmitter

Analogue pressure transmitters can be used in a variety of applications. The installation site, however, determines the maximum size and the selection of materials for the diaphragm and housing. It is therefore ideal when analogue pressure transmitters adapt individually to their applications. For this reason, we have expanded our broad range of compact pressure transmitters to include the analogue pressure transmitter 981 (pictured). You, the user, can take advantage of decades of experience with different materials and their use in a wide variety of media. Tried and tested diaphragms and a huge selection of screw, flange and plug connections made from a wide variety of different materials are available for a number of different applications. Measuring just 45 mm in diameter and 59 mm in height (including a 15 mm connecting piece), the sensor is very compact and can be easily integrated anywhere. Boasting a comprehensive range of mounting brackets, it can also be quickly installed in a customized installation position.

The pressure transmitter features various measuring ranges and an accuracy of up to 1 % FSO BFSL @ 20°C. This measuring range is required by the customer and is individually preset upon delivery, allowing the pressure sensor to be installed immediately for the end customer’s application. The supply voltage of 24 VDC, at < 20 mA current consumption, as well as the output signal, (min. 10 kOhm load), is transmitted via a four-pin standard M12 flange plug (other plug variations available upon request). The response time is 500 ms. The sensor can provide either a three-wire output signal with 0-10 VDC or a two-wire output signal with 4 – 20 mA. Diaphragms made of different materials are available for monitoring the overpressure and underpressure of liquid, gaseous and aggressive media in the range of -20 to +85°C. In addition to NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), silicone for food applications and fluorocarbon rubbers (FKM) or ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM) for aggressive media are also available; other materials available on request. For pressure connections, users can choose between metals like brass (incl. nickel-plated) and stainless steel, and in the case of plastics between polyamide (PA), polyvinyl difluoride (PVDF), polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) and other types. Standard hose supports with 5, 6.5 or 10 mm diameters and threaded couplings in M10x1, G1/4 and G1/2 are available. Special versions as flange or specific threads are available upon request at any time.

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Universal differential pressure sensor 985 with a new IP65 enclosure

Differential pressure sensors for air allow for very reliable assessments of the status of a ventilation or air conditioning system in buildings. For example, they check if the filters are dirty, or if the fresh air ventilation runs properly. Through changes in air pressure, information about changes of the system parameters can be detected reliably. For building automation, air conditioning and clean-room systems, users thus have constant access to the most important operational data. To accommodate the manifold versions and requirements even in the difficult ambient conditions of these systems, a new differential pressure sensor now offers an enclosure in protection class IP65, as well as up to eight switchable measuring ranges.

In practice, this feature significantly facilitates work, if a user simply wants to install, correctly wire up and set the parameters of a pressure sensor in a few easy steps. A differential pressure sensor with adequate access at the open lid for these moves forms a good basic prerequisite for this purpose. Another useful feature is that the open lid is not separated from the device, but simply folds open and down during the installation works. If it becomes apparent during installation that the pressure conditions are not as expected, a suitable measuring range can be selected simply and quickly via the rotary selector switch without having to procure and use an alternative device. For this purpose, the new sensor by Beck Druckkontrolltechnik offers eight pressure measuring ranges that can be selected from the rotary selector switch and also various output signals. To guarantee clean, linear response for each range, the developers equipped the 985Q sensor with tried and tested automatic zero-point calibration. Drift caused by ageing, temperature or system-related influences can thus be reliably and permanently compensated.

The new 985 pressure sensor model range can capture differential pressures from 25 Pa to 100 kPa in various measuring range combinations. The three-wire output signal is selected through a jumper as 0…10 V or 4…20 mA. Likewise by jumper, users can select between a linear or a square-rooted signal. The latter is useful for measuring volume flows, for example. With a supply voltage of 24 VAC/VDC, current consumption with an LED display is a maximum of 230 mA. The IP65 enclosure measures 81 mm x 83 mm at a height of 41 mm. Two tube ports of 4 mm and 6 mm diameter allow for the use of tubes with different thicknesses for connection to the pressure port. The cable gland, with a cap nut screw connection of 15 AF, makes it possible to insert cables or stranded wires of up to 1.5 mm2 during on-site installation. The transmitters comply with EN 60770 and EN 61326, as well as RoHS according to 2011/65/EU.

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Pressure switch 903.10 for the lowest pressures and liquid levels

Wherever marginal gas pressures or liquid levels have to be determined quickly and positively, purely mechanical, membrane-controlled pressure switches are an economical sensing and switching solution. Built onto a dip tube, minimum and maximum levels can thus be detected rapidly and valves or pumps switched off and on or alarms triggered depending on the liquid level. Because the pressure gauge does not come in contact with the medium, this method of measurement is suitable for measuring liquid levels in the foodstuffs industry and beverage sector but it also tolerates slurries in industrial overflow basins or waste water treatment. More exact switching points at low liquid levels are also increasingly being demanded. To this end, Beck GmbH Druckkontrolltechnik engineering has now developed a pressure switch for marginal switching pressures.

The pressure switch 903.10 (Fig.) offers a permanently set trip pressure from 3 mbar up to 50 mbar which is supplied factory set to the desired value. This means it can even detect lowest gas pressures or liquid levels respectively from approx. 3 cm hydrostatic head. The standard switching differential of 1.5 mbar at the start of the range and 15 mbar at the end of the range with a switch point tolerance band of 10 %. The new pressure switch is equipped with a larger membrane area for this which reliably actuates the switch contacts even at the slightest pressures. This can switch with a resistive load up to 6 A / 240 VAC in AgNi execution or in the low voltage range up to 100 mA / 24 VAC or 30 mA / VDC in gold plated execution.

Special designs are possible in AgNi up to 10 A / 240 VAC. The connections are AMP 6.3 x 0.8 mm spade terminals to DIN 46244. The pressure connection has likewise been updated in line with practical requirements and now has a combined hose (6.5 mm) and threaded nozzle (G1/4“) in resistant polyphenylene sulphide plastics (PPS) into which the damping orifices with 0.3 / 0.5 or 0.8 mm diameter can be inserted as required. The pressure switch is designed for over 10 million switching cycles and conforms to CE standards. It measures 57 mm in diameter, 70 mm in height including hose connector and can be installed quickly and securely with accessories such as fixing brackets or protective caps for protection classes IP54 and IP65.

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Handover of an electromobile to Beck GmbH Druckkontrolltechnik in Steinenbronn

To further pursue its policy to reach the ecological and economic goals of the company, Beck from Steinenbronn is taking part in the “Get eReady” research project. Other participants are, for example, the Fraunhofer Institute, Bosch and Elektro-Heldele GmbH in Göppingen. This project is supported by the land of Baden-Württemberg. Under “Get eReady”, the electric potentials of electromobiles are being investigated by intelligent networking of electromobility services.

Thinking ahead, Beck was already taking into consideration this forward-looking technology when it established an extension building last year by having a power charging station installed at its company car park. Whether company staff members or external users, it is accessible to anyone who has a corresponding authorization card.

After thorough market analyses, Beck GmbH has decided to buy a BMW i3, the first BMW-made series-production electric vehicle that has a system power of 125 kW and a “consumption” of some 15 kWh per 100 km. The running “costs” per 100 km are about EUR 0.98. In addition to its electric motor, this compact four-seater has a small combustion engine that considerably increases the vehicle’s range. And all this at a low annual vehicle tax rate of around EUR 14.

This brand new car was handed over at our premises by Mr. Nicolai Klemm from the BMW Branch Office in Stuttgart on Tuesday, 27 May, 2014.

The new electric vehicle is intended as an internal pool car to be used by staff members for both shorter work-related trips and for medium-range business travels. By taking this measure, Beck’s management hope to be able to drastically reduce the company’s fleet in order to cut vehicle costs.

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New differential pressure transmitter model 982R for original equipment manufacturers

At the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort exhibition held in Milan in March 2014, we presented a new differential pressure transmitter model 982R for monitoring low air pressures. This differential pressure transmitter has primarily been developed for OEM customers, with the focus on ventilation equipment manufacturers.

The 982R is a differential pressure transmitter that has been reduced to essential functions in order to sell it at a lowest possible price.

Ventilation equipment manufacturers know very well the technical specifications of the components to be used in the products they make and are aware of what measuring range and what output signal are necessary for this purpose.
Beck manufactures and supplies the 982R differential pressure transmitter exactly in conformity with these requirements concerning both the measuring range and the output signal. Just the signal attenuation can be subsequently adjusted locally. Complex selection functions on the product have been omitted so that the pressure transmitter will be ready for instant installation at the customer’s production line.

The 982R comes exclusively in OEM packages containing 100 items per carton. This is similar to the 930.8x Climair® OEM differential pressure transmitters that are supplied in lots of 45 pieces per carton.

First samples for certain measuring ranges are already available, while series production for any other measuring ranges will be started by late May 2014.

Click here for the specification sheet of our new 982R. Thus, we hope we again can provide you with another product that will emphasize your and our competence in differential pressure measuring.

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A precision landing: Extension building opened

“We have managed a precision landing. And all this happened while production was running, without suffering a single day of downtime!” Despite a delay of a few months, the last hammer blow for the completion of our reconstruction and building extension we had planned long ago was done just in time to celebrate its opening in order to provide the urgently needed room, among other things, for our parts warehouse and our extended production automation. With proud and gratefulness, Managing Partner Rainer Beck welcomed more than 200 guests such as Mayor Johann Singer, representatives from both the municipal council and the municipal administration as well as a number of business partners, persons who were involved in the construction work and some members of the staff with their families.

The second building stage has increased the net floor area from former 2,100 square metres to 4,000 square metres, giving more room for production, warehousing, offices and for the canteen. In addition, a separate training facility and a lounge are now available in the new building. Also, the separation between incoming and outgoing/shipped goods makes processes a lot easier.

The existing building concept has been extended under both architectural and energy-efficiency aspects. Thus, further ‘future-oriented’ extensions can also be envisaged. Design and lighting, on the one hand, as well as ultra-modern building services using solar heat and absorption heat exchangers, on the other, are outstanding features of this building. A highly elaborate ventilation system for controlling the room temperature, additional cooling and heating by concrete core activation, grey water utilization, roof greening and many other things complement one another into a ‘master plan’. For this entire energy concept, we are striving for being awarded the golden DNGB seal (DGNB – German Association for sustainable building).

On the occasion of the opening of this new building, a lot of congratulations were received. Instead of any presents or gifts, Rainer Beck asked for donations in favour of the Children’s Hospice in Stuttgart for the care of children that are suffering from terminal diseases. The result was a considerable sum of € 8,500 that Beck rounded up to € 10,000. A corresponding symbolic ‘cheque’ will be handed to the hospice management shortly so that the planned opening of a stationary children’s hospice can become reality as soon as possible. At this point, we should, once again, like to give our warmest thanks to all the donors.

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June 2013: Duct connection nipples with a new length of 80 mm

For a couple of years, insulation of ventilation ducts has become more and more expensive at an improved quality. This lets the thickness of insulation layers grow so that our present 65 mm ABS plastic duct connection nipples will often become too short. Beck is now facing this trend by introducing into the market new 80 mm plastic nipples from summer 2013. From June 2013, the nipples with their previous length of 65 mm, that have also been used in our Climasets under item number 6555, will be replaced by the new, longer nipples with an immersion depth of 80 mm. For our existing customers, this replacement will be automatically made in June and July. Any new customers will solely and immediately receive our longer duct connection nipples from June 2013 on.

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Eight-range universal-type differential pressure sensor

Being capable of covering all measuring points within a system by one and the same device will practically make your work a lot easier. This is what a differential pressure sensor having a wide, adjustable measuring range is ideal for. Even after subsequent modifications such as replacing a filter, you can quickly select the proper measuring range without any cumbersome sensor replacement. That is why the new sensor from Beck-Druckkontrolltechnik even offers you eight different pressure ranges you can choose from with the aid of a rotary selector switch. To guarantee clear, linear response for each range the designers allowed the 984Q sensor to have automatic zero-point calibration. This is to reliably compensate any drifting as caused by ageing, temperature or by system-inherent influences.
This new piezo-resistive sensor can measure differential pressures from +/- 0.5 to +/- 5.0 mbar within four different ranges. Another four measuring ranges from 0 to 10 mbar are also available for choice. The three-wire output can be configured by means of a jumper to obtain a signal of 0…10 V or of 4…20 mA (with a load of 20…500 Ohms). Also with the aid of a jumper, the user can choose between a linear or a square-rooted signal. The latter is, for example, useful for measuring volume flows. At a supply voltage of 24 VAC/VDC, the maximum current consumption, including an LED display, is 210 mA. The sensor’s IP54 enclosure has a diameter of 85 mm with an installation height of 58 mm. Two 6 mm tube ports for the pressure connection as well as M 16×1.5 or M 20×1.5 cable unions for cables and stranded wires of up to 1.5 mm² in size ensure easy fitting at the place of installation. The transmitters are in conformity with EN 60770 and EN 61326 as well as with RoHS according to 2002/95/EEC.

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Breaking ground for extension building on 18 April, 2012

On 18 April, 2012, Beck GmbH Druckkontrolltechnik was celebrating its symbolic ground breaking ceremony for an extension building to its headquarters in Steinbronn. Moving into the new building with a future useful space of 1,900 m² to be directly attached to our warehouse, consistently designed as an ecological industrial building (“green building”), and to be certified in conformity with the strict DGNB* standards has been planned for February, 2013. In addition to increasing its production and warehouse areas by 90 % required for further growth and for the planned extension of production automation, Beck expects some clear increase in efficiency by improving internal logistics and material flows.

* DNGB stands for German Sustainable Building Council

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The Beck GmbH Druckkontrolltechnik begin next spring with a Erweiterungsbeu of the operating area in Steinenbronn increased by 905 ....

Read the entire article from the magazine business customers value the Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen, Issue 1/12:

Die Beck GmbH Druckkontrolltechnik beginnt im kommenden Frühjahr mit einem Erweiterungsbau, der die Betriebsfläche in Steinenbronn um 90 Prozent vergrößert. Zugleich ist das der Startschuss für eine umfassende energetische Modernisierung, die den Baubestand einschließt. Der Hersteller…

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The energy guzzlers to track down ....

Read the whole article in the magazine industry IHKRegion of Stuttgart, 03.2012 Edition:

Die Geschäfte gehen gut bei der Beck GmbH in Steinenbronn. Gerade hat der Spezialist für Druckkontrolltechnik eine Werkserweiterung begonnen, die in einem Jahr in Betrieb gehen soll. Die Betriebsfläche wächst damit um 90 Prozent. Was nicht mitwächst, ist der Energieverbrauch. “Nach der Erweiterung werden unserer Kosten für Heizung, Lüftung und Klimatisierung nicht über denen des Bestandbaus…

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New Differential pressure gauge Display P2 with automatic zeroing

There are two new versions of the differential pressure gauge P2 display, a competitively priced 990M version with manual zeroing or a more technically advanced version, the 990A, with automatic zeroing.

These pressure gauges have a digital pressure display and dimensions of 143 x 96 x 48 mm, which ensures that they can be very easily fitted in a standard, DIN IEC 61554-compliant, control panel cut-out. The operating voltage is 24 VAC/VDC, however, using an optional mains power supply, they can also be operated from the mains.

The pressure gauges are suitable for monitoring air or non-aggressive gases. The three-wire output signal can optionally be set to 0…10 V or 4…20 mA with an ohmic resistance of 20…480 ohms. The maximum current consumption is less than 250 mA. Dependent on the version, the measuring range is between 0…25 Pa and 0…250 kPa, although the smallest measuring range is only available with automatic zeroing. The currently applied pressure can be displayed in three pressure units: Pascal, mbar or WC. The response time of the output signal can be selected between 0.1 and 20 s. All available functions are selected and changed via the central rotary knob on the front panel.

In the 990M version, when the transducer is depressurized (at atmospheric pressure) the output signal in the parameter menu is manually zeroed using the rotary knob. In the 990A version the pressure transducer automatically carries out zeroing at regular short intervals. This means the drift behaviour is further reduced while control and maintenance effort are significantly reduced.

Alongside the analogue output signal, the differential pressure gauge is optionally provided with two adjustable relay switching outputs which can be switched AT up to 250 VAC/ 5A. The user can adjust these switching outputs within the measuring range so that connected devices can be activated when a defined pressure level is reached.

All electrical connections are located on the rear side of the gauge. Similarly, both of the pressure connectors for 4mm and 6mm tubes are located on the rear side.

Beck is exhibiting at MOTEK in hall 5, stand number 5401.

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Re-certification of our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 passed!

As our quality management system has been certified in accordance with the international ISO 9001:2000 standard since 2002, we had to confront ourselves in July 2011 with the re-certification stipulated every 3 years. In the course of this re certification, the DEKRA ITS Certification Services subjected our entire quality related operating routines and processes to an extensive examination on site. In this regard, the auditors confirmed to us that our quality management system complies fully with the high requirements of the standard. On the basis of this positive audit result, the DEKRA ITS Certification Services once again issued to us the certificate, valid until 2014, for the areas of development, manufacture and distribution of pressure switches and pressure transducers.

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Self-zeroing differential pressure transmitters 984A and 985A

April 2011:
Self-zeroing differential pressure transmitters 984A and 985A

In many cases, no reliable conclusion on the condition of a system can be drawn from an existing pressure, neither in building automation, air conditioning and clean-room technology, in valve control nor in fan and blower monitoring. For this purpose, a differential pressure transmitter is the preferred sensor, for it allows some statements on the differential pressure as well as on the over- and underpressure in a system.

However, present differential pressure transmitters show one disadvantage: The zero point always needs to be reset manually again and again in order to compensate the drift caused by ageing, temperature, or by system-related influences. The new sensors of the 984A and 985A series are now self-zeroing. Thus, the sensor can do without maintenance at regular intervals – an advantage that is not inconsiderable – as the removal of false ceilings or contamination caused by the maintenance technician will be avoided. Particularly for systems that require utmost hygienic or clean-room conditions or even high security in connection with access limitations, this is a decisive advantage in terms of operating costs.
The new differential pressure transmitter is available in two different designs, the 984A with a round (85 x 58 mm in diameter) or the 985A with a rectangular IP65 enclosure (81 x 83 x 60 mm). Both models use a small valve for zeroing or offset compensation done automatically at regular intervals. Their operating voltage is 24 VAC/VDC. Their three-wire output signal can be configured either for 0…10 V or for 4…20 mA (20…500 Ohm burden) with the aid of a jumper. The maximum current consumption of the LED display model is below 150 mA, while the one without display even draws less than 60 mA. These sensors are suitable for use in air or non-aggressive gases. They can be switched over between two different pressure ranges. Depending on the respective model, the measuring range is between 0…25 Pa and 0…250 kPa. By means of jumpers, one can also set the response time on site, for example, to suppress the display of short pressure surges. Also with the aid of a jumper, the user can choose between a linear or a square-rooted signal. The latter is useful for measuring volume flows. The round sensor enclosures meet the requirements of protection category IP 54, while the rectangular ones are even in conformity with IP 65.

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Beck becomes Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

DOn 10 June 2010, we were awarded to bear the status of an Authorized Economic Operator with the “Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety certificate (AEO F)”.

An Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) has a special status: He is considered to be particularly reliable and trustworthy, and this is why we are entitled to benefit from special customs clearance advantages.

The growing globalization and the changed situation in international security have induced the World Customs Organization (WCO) to create worldwide frame conditions for modern and effective risk management at the customs administrations by its “Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade” (SAFE).

The introduction of the status of an Authorized Economic Operator is an essential element of this security initiative. At present, negotiations are being held with third countries (especially with the U. S., China and Switzerland) with the aim of worldwide recognition of this status.
br />The main objective is to ensure a continuous international supply chain, beginning at our pre-suppliers and going via Beck as a manufacturer down to our customers.

The status of an Authorized Economic Operator is valid in all Member States and not limited in time.

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New adjustment range from 20 to 300 Pascal for differential pressure switch model 930.80 Climair®

As of now, our 930.80 Climair® series differential pressure switches are available with a setting range from 20 to 300 Pascal. This extended range offers some advantages since the variety of applications of these differential switches will be even greater. Within the course of the year 2010, our present customers will, after previous consultation, get replacement for our earlier 930.80 model switches still having a setting range of 20-200 Pascal. New customers will, of course, be supplied with our new 20-300 Pascal generation.

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New cap nut cable gland for differential pressure switches 930.8x Climair® and differential pressure transmitters 984M

This cable gland using a cap nut offers highly effective strain relief and a considerably better sealing function.

The installation of this gland has become easier since the integrated radial seal needs a lower torque, mainly less tightening forces, to ensure the sealing function as required by protection class IP 54.

This gland is designed for round cables with a diameter of 5 to 10 mm, while an optional reducer from 5 mm down to a diameter 3 mm is available for thinner cables. The nut has a width across flats of 20 mm, is made of polyamide and is provided with an NBR seal.

Series production will be available from 1 May 2009.

We shall be pleased to personally present you this cable gland at our exhibition stand B01 in Hall 7.0 during the Hanover Industrial Fair to be held from 20 to 24 April 2009.

Just stop by for a moment.

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ISH 2009 from 10.-14. March in Frankfurt and Hanover Industrial Fair from 20.-24. April 2009

Inform yourself about our innovations in the field of HVAC and ventilation control technology. You can meet us in hall 10.1 at our booth C84.

From 20. to 24. April we will also be present at the Hanover Industrial Fair, where you will find us in hall 7 stand B01. We like to show you our latest pressure transmitter series 985M in the IP65 case with red LED display.

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Pressure switches and differential-pressure switches for gas-explosive zones

Not only do explosions often cause severe damage to property – not infrequently, they lead to personal injuries and invalidity. Obviously, as far as possible, such dangerous situations must be prevented in the first place. In some areas of industry, such as the chemicals sector, however, ignitable gas or air mixtures are frequently inevitable. Here, it is absolutely essential to avoid sources of ignition. Technical devices are one such potential source. If it is nevertheless impossible to dispense with them, they must be certified for so-called explosive zones. The ATEX product guideline 94/9/EG contains specifications for their construction (ignition-protection type) and quality management.

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Beck at the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2008 in Milan

Beck will be taking part at the international Mostra Convegno Expocomfort exhibition that is being held at Milan’s new exhibition site near Pero-Rho from 11th to 15th March 2008. This is one of the world’s leading trade fairs for heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment. As well as our usual products we will also be presenting our newest creation at the MCE, the 985M differential pressure transmitter in an IP 65 housing.

Our stand is in HALL 15, STAND D42, and we would be delighted to see you there.

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Firmengebäude in "Opus C"

Also in this year we have participated at the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort in Milan. For the 1st time at the new exhibition area in Pero-Rho we have been able to show our expertise for pressure switches and pressure transmitters. In particular the product series 984 and 930.8x Climair for building management, ventilation and air conditioning were standing in the foreground.

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New differential pressure transmitter 984M

The German company Beck GmbH Druckkontrolltechnik is updating its range of differential pressure measuring transmitters with the two models 984M.3x3104b without and 984M.3x3114b with an LED display. Thanks to their new and ultra-simple switching facilities, both variants are extremely versatile in practical applications. This pays off particularly when used in such applications as air conditioning and ventilation technology, filter monitoring and the control of air flows. Users enjoy the benefits of reduced operating costs and increased operational reliability due to the constant monitoring and regulation of ventilation systems. Both measuring transmitters are being presented for the first time at the IKK trade fair in Nuremberg from 18 to 20 October 2006 and will be available worldwide from early-November.

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April 8th to July 2nd, 2006 - Beck Logo presented at the Public Gallery in Stuttgart

The Beck logo was designed by graphic artist Anton Stankowski in 1969. At the occasion of his 100th birthday opens the “Stankowski 06 – Aspekte des Gesamtwerks” exhibition from April 8th to July 2nd 2006 at the public gallery in Stuttgart. At the same time there will be a temporary exhibition of posters which shows in a way of “Museum in public space” on large billboards a selection of famous brands all designed by Anton Stankowski.

From April 25th to end of June 2006 the Beck logo will be presented among 20 other billboards over 100 meters along the meadow of the Stuttgart Weissenhof residential area

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Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2006

Also in this year we have participated at the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort in Milan. For the 1st time at the new exhibition area in Pero-Rho we have been able to show our expertise for pressure switches and pressure transmitters. In particular the product series 984 and 930.8x Climair for building management, ventilation and air conditioning were standing in the foreground.

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