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2. We want to use pressure switches in the following application

We work with :

3. The following switching function is important:

Switching function on rising pressure should be a Pascal.
Switching function on falling pressure should be at Pascal.

The pressure rise is as a rule :

The pressure switch is loaded in the extrem case with Pascal overpressure
and/or with Pascal vacuum.

The mounting position of the pressure switch is

4. Pressure medium

We use air and non-combustible, non-aggressive gaseous as pressure medium.
In a temperature range up to Grad C.
The ambient temperature is Grad C.

The following diaphragm material can be used for this medium:

5. The following pressure connection is required:

6,0 mm hose connection.

6. The electrical consumer

The electrical consumer is a: .

Its electrical load is max.: Ampere at Volt .

7. The following accessories are required:

Protective cap IP 20
Without Protective cap

mounting bracket L-shaped Art.Nr. 6401 - metal
mounting bracket S-shaped Art.Nr. 6402 - metal
fast mounting bracket L-shaped Art.Nr. 6481 - plastic (ABS)
fast mounting bracket S-shaped Art.Nr. 6482 - plastic (ABS)

Climaset® 6555 consisting of 2m PVC hose and 2 plastic tubes
Climaset® 6550 consisting of 2m PVC hose and 2 angled metal pipes
Climaset® 6556 consisting of 2m silicone hose and 2 angled metal pipes
Climaset® 6557 consisting of 2m silicone hose and 2 plastic tubes

8. The differential pressure switch have to be packed:

in OEM packing, 60 pieces in one card box
in OEM packing, card boxes enclosed, 60 pieces in one card box
each differential pressure switch single packed, asseccories enclosed in single boxes.

9. We need samples with the checked-off accessories.

Please submit us a quotation for pcs., which we will accept in batch sizes of pcs..

Please call us to discuss further technical details.