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Questionaire for factory set pressure switches 901

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2. We want to use pressure switches in the following application

We work with :

3. The following switching function is important::

Switching function on rising pressure/level.
This switching pressure should be at

Switching function on falling pressure/level.
This switching pressure should be at

The pressure rise is as a rule :

The pressure switch is loaded in the extrem case with overpressure
and/or with vacuum.

The mounting position of the pressure switch is

4. Pressure medium

As pressure medium we use
in a temperature range up to degrees C.
The ambient temperature is degrees C.

The following diaphragm material can be used for this medium:

5. The following pressure connection is required:

Hose connection
Threaded connection
special versions according to drawing

6. The electrical consumer

The electrical consumer is a: .

Its electrical load is max.: Ampere bei Volt .

7. The following accessories are required:

Protective cap IP 44
Protective cap IP 54  
Protective cap IP 65  
Mounting spring
Mounting bracket
incl. cables
pressure connection for 3 switches

8. We need samples with the checked-off accessories.

Please submit us a quotation for pcs., which we will accept in batch sizes of pcs.

Please call us to discuss further technical details.