Beck. Custom-made pressure monitoring

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2. We want to use pressure switches in the following application

We work with :

3. Following measuring range is important:

Measuring range from bis Pascal.
On a accuracy of

The pressure rise is as a rule :

The differential pressure transmitter is loaded in the extrem case with Pascal overpressure and/or with Pascal vacuum.

4. Pressure medium

We use air and non-combustible, non-aggressive gaseous as pressure medium.
In a temperature range up to degrees C.
The ambient temperature is degrees C.

5. The following pressure connection is required:

6,0 mm hose connection. 4,0 mm hose connection.

6. Electrical data

The electrical supply voltage is:
24 VDC
24 VAC
230 VAC
other :

The output signal should be: .

As additional function we need:
one adjustable output signal
two adjustable potential free output signal (relais)

The electrical connection: connector (standard)

7. We need one invoiced sample with the checked-off accessories.

Please submit us a quotation for pcs., which we will accept in batch sizes of pcs..

Please call us to discuss further technical details.