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Questionaire for differential pressure transmitter 985

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2. We want to use pressure switches in the following application

We work with :

3. Following measuring range is important:

Measuring range from to Pascal.

The pressure rise is as a rule :

The differential pressure transmitter is loaded in the extrem case with horizontal

4. Pressure medium

We use air and non-combustible, non-aggressive gaseous as pressure medium.
In a temperature range up to degrees C.
The ambient temperature is degrees C.

5. The following pressure connection is required:

6,0 mm hose connection.

6. Electrical data

The electrical supply voltage is:
24 VDC
24 VAC
other :

The output signal should be: .

As additional function we need:
one adjustable output signal

The electrical connection: .

7. The following accessories are required:

Climaset® 6555 consisting of 2m PVC hose and 2 plastic tubes
Climaset® 6550 consisting of 2m PVC hose and 2 angled metal pipes
Climaset® 6556 consisting of 2m silicone hose and 2 angled metal pipes
Climaset® 6557 consisting of 2m silicone hose and 2 plastic tubes

single ABS tubes (used in 6555)Art.Nr. 6551
single metal tubes (used in 6550)Art.Nr. 6552
Rubber grommet for 6552 Art.Nr. 6553
roll holding 100m ID 5x1.0mm PVC Art.Nr. 6424

8. We need one invoiced sample with the checked-off accessories

Please submit us a quotation for pcs., which we will accept in batch sizes of pcs..

Please call us to discuss further technical details.