Beck. Custom-made pressure monitoring

Electronic pressure transmitters

Differenzdrucksensoren 980S Display P2 985M 984MDifferential pressure transmitter 982R OEM

The standard pressure transmitter in the IP 50 plastic housing is available with plug or cable connection. The pressure connection is designed as a pipe connection.

Digital pressure gauge 990 Display P2

This universal series with red LED display and optional relay output is designed for installation in control panels and switchboards. There is IP 20 protection on the front.

Differential pressure transmitter 985

This series has an IP 65 ABS plastic oder metal housing and is designed for industrial applications.

Differential pressure transmitter 984

This differential pressure transmitter in the IP 54 plastic housing, optionally with LED display, can be fastened directly using molded mounting eyes. The electrical connection is by a cable conduit to screw terminals. The pressure connection to the process is made by means of hose connections.